Welcome to my new abode

Hello all.

Yes, as you noted, I have redone my website. My old web host at IBee hosting was really pathetic and the site used to be down at least 30 hours a month while I had it hosted there. Since my renewal time was approaching, I thought it’d be a nice thing to move my entire site from them to another host. After much research I found http://speedhost.in to be the host with a plan tailor made for me. It did not hurt that it also had got favourable reviews from users.

So here I’m, on this new space with newly done website. My initial plan was to code the entire website on my own using a custom XML parser and some CSS. But office work does not leave me with enough spare time to put such kind of energy. A colleague of mine suggested to have a look at jquery. Having had a look at it, I was blown away.

However, developing a jquery based web space was out of question for me for the same reasons as above. So as a compromise I settled for a theme based on jquery.

Though it is not development from scratch, still a lot of effort has gone into making this space and its customization. I’m sure, there still are a few rough edges left out which I trust my readers to point out.

I promise that till space will be much better looked after and updated than my previous site. The culprit was the bad host that almost always killed the enthusiasm.

So here it goes. Have a look and give me feedbacks.


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