Noticed this beautiful piece on the walls at Mahanavmi Dibba in Hampi. These two ladies are in the traditional Bharatnatyam pose (going by the dress worn). Seems things haven’t changed since ages for this fabulous dance form at least. What great luck!


  1. Aashica

    I have a question though – Why did you keep the right hand part of the pic in the frame?

    • Keshav

      While taking the photo itself I had decided that I want it to be monochrome as the stone and the texture on its surface would make for a very contrasting image.

      When it came to presentation of frame, I thought a lot about it. I tried keeping only the dancers in the frame and it looked too bland and lost the essence of being a wall art. Somehow, this seemed just right. The three lines (two horizontal and a vertical) cross at visually appealing third-points (according to rules of photography) and it also acted as a frame in frame to add more depth (to my taste buds). Somehow the empty space on right adds value to me.

      Do you like it? Or you have another point of view?

  2. Aashica

    Wanted to know what you were thinking – now i get it! The picture is interesting due to the imperfection/asymmetry aspect – its really good Keku..

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