The unplanned road trip

My Mantra for life: The best experiences in life are those that are unplanned and impromptu!

It’s been a long time dream of mine to be able to do a radically unplanned long road trip. In fact we came quite close to making it a reality last winter when we decided on whim that we’d visit my home town Patna by road. That is Bangalore to Patna! A round trip of over 5000 kilometers!


We’d have certainly done that had we not got the last minute doubts about the time lines. We had only 10 days of leaves and given the notoriety the north Indian fog has, we could easily have been caught driving for larger part of our available time. So we gave it a miss, promising ourselves that we would make up for it by doing some other insane trip sometime, perhaps Bangalore to Delhi and back!


Promise yourselves as much as you can, but real life work catches up on you and life passes by. With both Rohini and I in new jobs, we got so caught up with work that we never had time for the big crazy trip. Until a fortnight ago when I had had enough of work load and decided that we needed to go out on highway and wander aimlessly.


Rohini is always game for any of my craziness and luckily Barun, a friend of mine had also been through a crazy work schedule and needed a break as much as I did. So we decided that we’d leave early on a Saturday morning with a pair of clothes for each of us and head out in any direction our mind takes us to!


And that is how we ended up at Jog Falls in Karnataka (the highest waterfall in India) for a crazy, rain filled weekend. We had no itinerary and no inclination of what lied ahead, and yet, we had perhaps the most fun we’ve ever had! We had a long drive at a relaxed pace through the lush green vegetation, stopping in between for some refreshing (yet sugary) tea and a terrible meal to reach Jog Falls by around 4.00 pm. Now Jog Falls is an isolated place with very limited options for an over night stay, and since ours was an impromptu endeavor, finding our abode for night was a challenge. But we did overcome it (thanks to the smart phones and ever available connectivity) and managed to get ourselves a surprisingly nice place to stay overnight.


There were not many opportunities for photography as it was pouring all through, but we really had amazing fun. The lush greenery of monsoon is what mind needed and we soaked in as much of it as we could.


I’m sure Rohini is going to put a detailed and better worded report of it on her blog. So refer to that for all relevant details.


I’ll leave you with my favorite image of the trip below. The one at the top of the post is another favorite for its artistic merit in my eyes. For more (not many) from the same trip see this link.

Do let me know if you like the images.

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