His Highness

After making us run disappointed for 5 safaris, it was in the sixth and final safari of our trip that His Highness decided to gift us the sighting. We were terribly late thanks to a tourist deciding to dress up for the tigers and I was really disillusioned with the uninterested guide and driver we had got.

But luck seemed to favour us. Not only did we sight a sub-adult sloth bear peeling off bark of a tree and playing blissfully right at the entry, a little forward we saw not one, but two majestic almost full grown tigers. Most of the guides at Ranthambore are completely disinterested. Our guide failed to see both the tigers as well as the bear.

Given it was its kingdom, His Highness made the rules and sat wherever it wanted. I had this as the best angle possible. Both of them sat for about 10 minutes, got bored of the commotion that guides were creating and then made a move. I was left with just a few keepers. Nothing fantastic to drool about, but something worthwhile nevertheless.


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