Tree Hugger

Though not a resounding success in terms of photography, the trip to Ranthambore was surely successful when it came to the variety of fauna we saw. From the elusive hyena to the sloth bear to the king of the park – tigers. It surely calls for another visit to the park in peak sighting time.

This sub-adult was seen on our last entry to the park when we had given up on all hopes due to delayed entry and a pathetic guide and disinterested driver. The driver was just killing time by driving swiftly across the park when I encountered this bear cross the road, and play with the bark. After at least 3 of my attempts to softly tell the driver to stop going in vain, another person in our jeep finally noticed this chap and yelled at the driver to halt. All this while the bear was unbothered, kept doing its job with this tree’s bark. Eventually having got the bark it was after, the bear did a cartwheel and moved away as swiftly it appeared.

Not a great shot, partly due to my excitement and partly due to the incessant movement by the subject, still something I’ll cherish due to the peaceful encounter without any other jeep nearby.

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