Keshav is a lazy eccentric who gets out of his hibernation only when it comes to birds, nature or photography. He has a sagging paunch which reflects his appreciation of food and his liking to cooking. When bored ( that’s perpetual), and free, he likes to read as well. Apart from these, he excels at procrastination and (like Rohini) pretends to work at a telcom multinational for a living. On a serious note, he took to photography as a serious hobby sometime in beginning of Jan, 08 and there has been no looking back since then. Though an avid nature lover since childhood, most of the credit to get him hooked in to bird watching (and thus eventually to photography) goes to Rohini who introduced him to this world on a walk into Lal Bagh Gardens of Bangalore one lazy Dec morning in 07. He started with a Canon prosumer camera and soon graduated to an entry level Canon DSLR, with a limited set of lenses (limited only by the finances) and a sturdy tripod. Though just a beginner still, he aspires to gradually excel at the art and science of photography. Besides he wants to use this web space to help other like minded nature lovers with detailed information related to bird watching and a bit of photography (very limited that he knows of) based on his personal experiences. Most of these experiences have been gathered by birding around Bangalore. He’s certain that as his knowledge and experience with birds, wildlife, nature and photography grows so will this web space mature.

Rohini is an eccentric lady, that too one of the busy kind! She doesn’t herself know how many hobbies she possesses and with a vigourous zeal that would suit only a true relic hunter, keeps pouncing on any new interesting thing that can be pursued as a hobby. Birds, books, animals, reptiles, butterflies, sketching, gardening, nature, food, food (she really loves food) are few to mention. She’s heavily into nature and wildlife, having started at a young age . The credit for this goes to her parents who are fanatics of these fields in their own right. She’s been following birding, wildlife more seriously ever since she’s started earning on her own. She bought a camera only so that she could identify birds better. She began with a Canon prosumer camera in mid 07, and later graduated to a higher version of the same series. (She’s bound to stick to prosumer cameras not because of finances, but the hefty weight of professional equipment). She conned Keshav into marrying her with the hope that he would carry her tripod and bags on birding trips. Her intention is to share her experiences with nature, birds and wildlife with those similarly inclined and also to learn more through such interactions. Her primary technique with cameras can be summarized as point and shoot and pray. Simple yet effective! She earns her livelihood by visiting a multinational telcom company (princesses don’t work, they just visit.)